Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Fire Inferno - Part one

Something Different


XMariaAmorX and Logan - Part One

Captured and ensnared on the Plinth, Maria wondered at her fate, listening to the man behind her, Logan watched her all but a moment contemplating, he moved nearer to her taking her into his arms and nuzzled her, growling under his breath at the sight of her, then dragging her to the bed..Follow the story and with part 2 coming soon as well

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Red Carpet Ladies!

I had the pleasure of shooting these three lovely ladies who brought me their best Red Carpet Look!

Introducing Ms. Deirdre Paulino in a stunning green gown!

Next, we have the lovely Nichole Trafalgar in a gorgeous white gown!

Introducing a first time model for me, a dear friend, Ms. Kelly Dharmen!

One of these ladies is in line to win 500L from me with their best Red Carpet Look!  Go on my Flickr page and make your fav look in this contest to help me determine the winner.  The photo that gets the most favs by Sunday will win the prize!

Welcome Kateri Tory Shinja!

Welcome to the world little Miss Kateri Tory Shinja!  This lil girl is a natural model!

Congratulations to Jewell and Midnight on your new little baby daughter!

For the Guys

Seems we all want our ladies to look the best and i agree, but we should never forget our guys as well, hence  i haven't forgotten you all, and i have to say, every man that has come through to the studio well to me its nice to give them a boost up with some idea's on where to go whether for Formal wear, Street/Urban wear especially if your gonna even if in the clothes a few seconds *smiles* but say your an extra and not doing anything, you do not want to be looking newbish at times and since i follow a Womenstuff group, and if the guys didnt know  there is also a Menstuff Group that they should  join as well, and if you also join  yes it costs 50ls to join you also get gifts quite a lot of gifts on offer actually, and Menstuff also hold a grid wide hunt as well which i think will be coming up soon in the next few months..So again something to watch out for.

Years ago there was barely a good choice in stuff for guys and well so much more is being made but its getting there 

Below is a Link to the Stores for Guys, lots of  good stuff

Clothing - Menstuff

Shapes - Menstuff

Skins - Menstuff

Hair - Menstuff

Fashion For Life

An Event for sure to support that begins on March 9th for about a week, in conjunction to the American Cancer Awareness Society, which helps raise awareness and about 9 Sims come out and support those with Music Events, Live Events and Fashion shows.  

For more information on this and i think a well detailed event indeed in the world of SL, and something close to my heart, given I have lost Friends and Family in my RL to Cancer and also know a few in remission from Breast Cancer and always fighting..So a big shout to the fighters in this world we live in.

Fashion For Life <----- Follow Link

Coming Soon...The Whore Couture Fair

The Whole of the SL Grid is a wonder of Fashion and Fun, and with the group notice i sent out to Midnightsun Studio's i mentioned that there is a Fair starting on the March 1st and lasts for a month

The Whore Couture Fair begins on  the 1st March and going through the list of stores available to you on your search for the best in clothing but all the while wanting to show off your kinky side and we all have a bad girl within us, no matter who we are...

Also  this be the list of designers taking part in Whore Couture - Designers

Also care to find out more Info in regards to more fairs within SL, and i can tell you there is much more out there...go here

Until next time

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Final Curtain Showing - Queen Kat Lee

or Passion as she is known as well, and  this stunning beauty captured my eye with her stunning dress as well as her stunning beauty as she walked the red carpet for me...She let the camera and lights flash and showed off her back as well..I do hope you enjoyed this set

The Final Curtain - Lawrence Petty

Lawrence is the most lovely guy ever, I have to say that he was one of the 1st guys ever around 2 years ago when i walked into the Porn Groups as a Newcomer that he would say hello to everyone, He makes you feel welcome a lot, he keeps himself to himself and can i also say this was the first time we actually met in person as well hehe..He made me feel at ease instantly, I have to admit I did go shy on him and  he pulled me into a fast hug as well...Do get to know him and  you actually have a friend for life..I hope you enjoy his set and again he should be lucky being caught in the middle with 2 Beautiful ladies on the Blog *Cherry and Passion* :)

The Final Curtain Showing - CherryBerries

Cherry is someone who I met for the first time and well I hope you enjoy her set...She be my Lady in Red and utterly alluring at the same time..She does her own thing and runs a Club within  the world of SL and im sure we will see her take part in more things in the future..*smiles*

Sunday, February 24, 2013

For the Ladies - Vampyr Dagger

Been spending time with this lovely gentleman over the past 2 weeks, as he comes to chill out and keep me company at the studio, known him for a while of course and he does great hugs *hehe* He is flirtatious, sweet and mainly stays quiet in the background often and well he can make me laugh a lot and knows that when i go quiet that a hug is required at the same time :-)  Once you get to know Vampyr you will indeed get a unique and fun guy

Sunday Stars - Ravnous

Ravnous came to the red carpet in her most stunning outfit and look to boot, she was sultry and glamorous, and was utterly sensual with the look of Vivian Leigh, she brought old star Glamour and a fliry attitude as well, Im sure we will see more of her as well

Sunday's Star's - Khalid Dubrovna

Carrying on with my Oscar's Weekend I have few more stars that became my Red Carpet Stars and the next man who got all cleaned up and dazzling in his suit and first time on the blog is Khalid Dubrovna - Well known Photographer as well, should for sure be more in front of the camera as well dont you think *winks*  A great man to talk to and very fun to be around, and a DJ to boot, he can be found Dj'ng all over the place :) Hope you all enjoy this set 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Male Star of the Day - Logan O

Logan is my Saturday Male Star due to the fact  he has been such a busy boy in the last week *grins* If you know him is to love him and he is a sweetheart in my opinion..An aspiring Actor, even more so since starring in a film or 2 these days and in many more Castings, He is non pushy and fun to be around and well hope we see more of him in this coming year...smiles

Add an Ace

So we all need to bring an Ace to the table sometime, and this lovely gentleman Ace Lycheborne came over to mine, after seeing him barely w...