Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stefan Maldor

Its that time of the week again, and this time in my For the Ladies series is Stefan Maldor, who himself is a great artist as well, and a great guy to know.  He is in the Porn World and does his thing and if need be also contact him as well as he runs his own series as well..Very honoured to know him...smiles and i hope you enjoy this set.

Also For the Ladies is an ongoing Series, has been running for about 2 months now and im very proud of getting to know all the lovely guys who come and be womanhandled by me as the saying goes...*grins* I seek out those willing to be a part of my Series...I look for the unique, the sexy, hard asses, the rough and ready types you know those that hang about in dark alleys*grins* Currently in my For the Ladies im also wanting those true Dominants out there who can bring this submissive to heel at all times with a glance, bring your cane with you *winks*

New Series for the Males to start - Beach Bums

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