Friday, November 16, 2012

Skin Or Not to Skin

We all know when we are new in SL we think to ourself that the look we create and  by new i mean new, not the NEW people who are actually alts...I swear in this side of the industry i seem to see more Alts around than never before, they cant handle  a ton of drama so bring in them and then look  great within seconds...just amuses me a little.  To me if you an Alt who comes back instantly and joins porn groups why do that when you left from the drama.  Makes no sense.

Photo done by Tortured Artist - Daron Brandeis - New Artist to our Group  (BabyDoll)

So this is information to all those who are new to Second Life, who dont know where to find the things they need..Below and for a few more blogs i will be updating the information that you need, where to go and what to buy.  

It is of course your choice but when you become a pin up or a model for  MidnightSun we do expect the best - so make sure you have a great shape - yes have mentioned this before, also a Skin that is unique...and on a note, we all know Men love boobies and seem to enjoy the  huge prim boobs, not my thing of course but i may buy one  just to look and check, but  i love how i look and yes im one for changing skins and hair often -but usually go back and forth to an old look often.

Ok Skins as this is usually a huge thing for me and i always Skin shop to blog and every month  i blog skins from the SYS project - this stands for Structure your Skin and are out for 99ls for the whole month, now i have to say if your on a budget then here is the best place to come and a handful and in all honest  the skin creators can mainly be the sme with a few new ones mixed into the mix, there is sometimes a chance to pick up Male skin also and last 2 months there has been male skin.

See here for Blog on SYS

Skin Creators 




Wow Skins


: Sugar :

Style By Kira

Step Inside


[Mystic Canvass]


Though there is many other skins on offer ill share them in my next months SYS Project update - Why show them all now - smiles, also to let you see the skins i will link you to where i blog them and will give you a perspective

So apart from those we all have our favourite skin stores below is a few of mine but we know there is so many more and to get the best looks to me it is always nice to wander around the grid and to those who didnt know Hush was a favourite of mine in the past but giving there was a huge furore for a while  between  hush and Curio which im sure every woman in sl heard about.

Also now with Mesh  going around, hopefully looking for skins will be more simpler also.

Popular Skin Creators continued..



Al Vulo


these are just a few as i wish to mention but if you have a good judge of knowing what you like and not look like a clown in a way - to me im more into pale/natural lips weirdly or if very well done skins then you will know, i love red lips...I have my own look and individuality yes i may buy the skin that others buy but having the correct shape goes along way also...

Again correct shape, if your breasts are  huge then they need to look like they coincide with each other...tinting to the skin colour seriously helps unless its meant to be tan lines *smiles* 

So till the next time  and next i will be all about  Hair, more skin and more skin, Shapes, Make-ups, Props and Poses

I just needed to explain that i am here still, im shopping around the grid doing the WomenStuff  hunt also and also doing Inner Slut hunt as well so i will be blogging these gifts also.  On that note i also do a blog for a shape creator called Stunning Shapes...highly recommended and when she has more new shapes created you will be the first to know also...

Here for you always...smiles, just hit me up inworld and tell me your ideas also...i want to know your thoughts

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