Thursday, November 8, 2012

                                                                        Ice Queen

              Her icy breath can be felt across the world
                                       She has chilled the hearts of all who have lived
                                                        She covers the world in a blanket of white
                                             No one can escape her cold grasp
                               We freeze when she is near
                                                   Even when she is not close to us we still feel her power
                                   Only the brave ones dare face her
                                                        Her icy breath blows back and forth
                                                                  She is the wind that blows on a cold winter night
                                                    She does not fear man
                               None can escape her soul-piercing gaze
                                                                          Her eyes the colour of ice
                                                                                She chills the souls of man
                                                                           Not letting any escape
                                         Her hair the colour of the freshest snow
                      Her hands as cold as the tundra in mid winter
                                She calls to us
                                       We come to her despite the cold
                                                              We have become ensnared
                                                                 By the Ice Queen

                                                                Phillip Dodham Cormier

                                         Featuring Domino Dupre in this series...  Enjoy !!

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