Friday, November 23, 2012

Dark Hunter Series

Hey Ladies and Gents.

In my mind I have a great idea for an awesome Series, and to be honest this will be an ongoing series, and while Midnight is in RL for a while i have asked Daron (Tortured) to be the Photographer for this and i will be working close with him as well.

So what or who is are you asking is a Dark Hunter? - mmm well let me tell you

(Dark Hunters) Dark Hunters • Nidhiki • Piraka The Shadowed One, the leader of the Dark Hunters The Dark Hunters are an organization of bounty hunters in the Lego Bionicle storyline. ... Nidhiki, in his mutated Dark Hunter form. ... The Piraka. ...

Please go here also smiles

Please be aware that i love those books and the dark hunters are basically ex gods and have powers, you also have Goddesses and Demi Goddesses, they all have powers that they take with them in the modern world.

I want to see my Acheron - The God who could end the world if he had to - so please i want you to do your homework for me, check wikipedia also and this will tell you the specifics - also within this series of books are were hunters...and shapeshifters.

So for me if you have a specific Goddess or God - read the names in the list and i will be writing a huge long list of every name featured yes i love this book set ive almost read all.

Send your name on a notecard to me - Jewell Shinja (or infinity whatever comes up) i want you in the correct dress also whether it be modern or way back when but modern sounds much better  for the updated versions in a modern world...Also im looking for a perfect Simi :)

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