Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Want to take my Picture

So you find that you want to be in the Porn Side of the business...first things first is you want to get a portfolio done, find the perfect person to take your photo's of course, but if you are told no and come back, then you might wonder in your head they Why's and What for's - what was wrong with you..

In my honest opinion if someone is trying to give you advice on your look, correct shape that can be tweaked and i do not mean the"big boobs".  To me your huge boobs are seriously irrelevant when you come into the porn business, and i think that the main factor would be looking great - ie shape and skin and even if you cannot afford to look great there are always ready made avatars out there that that can be of help and they only cost 179ls - 299ls...let me introduce to you Tameless Complete Avatars

This is Olivia - clothes are also included, as is shape, 3 skins, an AO, hair eyes, and boots,- again if your not happy with this shape you can easily modify and tweak, even buy new eyes, get a better AO...This is your choice of course smiles, but as long as your happy this is the main thing....  The next few looks are all Tameless with all different styles.





This is the same shape of Grace, but with a group gift from Filthy in the October Month - all that you need to do is with the perfect shape you can have the Skin you want...but in a way this is my opinion.  So next time and this is what im trying to explain, the next time you go or choose for a photo session, make sure your skin and shape go together.  And if you are able to buy shapes that are actually modifiable like the Tameless shape, then you make yourself look leggy, bustier, and many skin gifts do have cleavage options also.

Till Next Time

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