Monday, October 29, 2012

Preparation - Part one

As you know Preparation is the key to a good photo set, and well excellent photo opportunities in my opinion, I am the sort of person that when when i want to do a photo shoot for myself and i do this on a regular basis, this can include things in regards to songs/movies/events, Imagination be the key to how you want to look for that perfect photo.  I will even wander the grid so if its a gothicky looking Grid and at the moment you have perfect examples given it being Halloween

So to include a current example 

We are currently in the Halloween season and as you know there is a series being done so preparing for it is a great thing...

So who and what do you want to look like, now remember your wanting to be stunning and sexy also, so go for a skin that is unique for Halloween, find that eye popping outfit that will let the Viewer who is looking back at you just want you more

So an example of searching for a suitable place for your Halloween needs would be Boudoir, I took a wander around this store yesterday and even though i bought 2 outfits from them via Marketplace, i needed to actually take a good wander around inworld and I have to say is wow in what they offer, and here is a photo of one of the outfits and yes i do love this one very much...

The store is laid out very well and very spacious and different parts including Boots/Shoes, Hair/Costumes ie Halloween/Fairy/Mermaids - see awesome and perfect opportunities.

Make sure your outfit matches the theme always, otherwise if you just come to the photo session in say your Bra n Panties in hoping you will get away with it, then it would be rather unfair on the next person who is due after you and you have not even bothered...To me and this is my opinion if you cannot be bothered in getting ready even a few days before, cause notices are sent out ahead of time and you know the theme/set your doing, then you will of course be made to wait.  So even though a Photographer will be patient and wait, do remember that when your going  for the shoot..its already bought, checked and rechecked so that is looks good on you...makes for a less rushed shoot also, especially if there be a few appointments waiting as well....smiles

In no way am i sounding brash or that and it doesn't mean to sound that way....but i do have a thing for being prepared for so many things as time...hehe

So be prepared 

Coming soon i will be giving out a list of places to go, just for reference needs...for Shapes, Skins, Hair, Makeups, Boots/Shoes and Clothing, Jewellery

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  1. Thanks for the great post! You are not sounding brash my dear. That's all part of being a professional. We will go in more depth about being prepared for shoots and casting calls. See you at the studio!


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