Monday, October 22, 2012


SL porn is filled with hundreds of naughty newcommers just waiting to be seen in the next fantasy machinima or sexy photoseries.. Here are a few new ladies out there wanting to entertain in true Sl Porn fashion.

Charlottexoxox.. seen in a couple introduction sets . Charlotte is an aussie beauty with wonderful blonde hair and a set of curves as dangerous as a mountain road.

BettePaige... Seen in one film to date, BettePaige is named for the pinup icon, Bette exudes charm and sensuality..

Star Serphim....Star is a leggy blonde who enjoys interacial scenes and is also a veteran member of the Sl porn groups.
All three of these newcommers are available for casting and have a strong desire to be seen and entertain as well as have fun ..


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