Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Introduction

Hey there

First and foremost, thank you ever so much to Midnight to adding and having faith in me to include me in his Blog...*smiles* and I wont let him down on that matter.

Next thing i am going to provide a unique and individual blog, that gives views on my likes, dislikes and places to go in SL - including places to hang out also...but my main object is that i have been in SL since 2006, and through that time i know my favourite places to shop...

I also enjoy seeking out new places, new stores that are on the Grid...How do I find those, you might ask, well i do hunts and through these hunts you find the smaller stores, that do have very little traffic and to me if you point out these places, sometimes they are so beautifully set out and decorated they just itch for picture taking as well.

So to keep you abreast of things, i will be talking about  Skins, Hair, Shapes,Make Ups,Shoes (so if you know of any places that you can tell me about then i will add them as a feature to this blog) The Shape i use have a varied shape type which i can easily modify if i wish, and to me that is the important part..I will go into further details about why i seriously detest some types of shapes out there.

Next i will also be blogging about Locations in SL, i love to travel around from time to time and its fun to see Gardens/Beaches/Cities/Roleplay Locations as yes i am a lover of roleplay and i used to regularly be in a varied places of them.

Also Stores will be included of course that is almost a given

Hunts - Past and present and future hunts will also be included

So yes this was just a little introduction just to let you know what will be ongoing - So dont run away just yet 


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