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The Harem Princess..Miss XBabylonX

A Sultry harem princess miss XBabylonX

 "Women of the Turkish harems were well educated, being able to read and write Turkish, French, Latin, Greek, and whatever other languages were appropriate. They were instructed in art, music, history, court customs and etiquette, as well as the arts of physical pleasure.
Days were full for these women, since each was assigned some sort of light housekeeping task according to her ability or talent. All women were expected to be proficient in the womanly arts such as embroidery and household administration. Additionally there were structured times for eating, bathing, and exercise.
The harems of the Ottomans evolved into highly structured and hierarchical systems, with a distinct pecking order. The expectation was that any woman who entered the harem as a possible companion for the Sultan would try to ascend this ladder of power and position.
There were many women in the harems, of course. Slaves, dancers and other entertainers, educators, retired concubines, and many more. But our fascination is with those women who were destined, if they were lucky enough, smart enough, and beautiful enough, to attract the notice of the Sultan.
Upon entering the harem, these women, who may have been gifted, or even bought by the Sultan's emissaries, entered a dormitory-like group called an oda. The women slept, ate, and studied in one large room under the supervision of an older woman, usually one of the Sultan's favorites who had grown old in his service. At this stage, the maidens were called gediklis, the privileged ones.
Should a gedliki attract the attention of the Sultan in some way, she was immediately assigned the title of guzdeh, and given her own apartments and slaves. Her "allowance" was increased, and her status in the harem increased proportionately.
If a woman was summoned to the bed of the Sultan and pleased him, she became an ikbal, a favorite one. Again, she moved to larger quarters and received an increased stipend. The competition among the ikbals was fierce, for once a favorite of the Sultan, the next step was the Ottoman equivalent of "wife."
No Ottoman Sultan until Suleiman the Great, married any of his women. But the Sultans did have four Kadins. The Kadins were the equivalent of wives, and attained their titles by being the first four women to bear living children to the Sultan. Only the death of a Kadin's children resulted in her demotion and the elevation of an ikbal with living children to her place.
The title of Bas Kadin was reserved for the first of the Kadins to bear a living son to the Sultan. In other words, the Bas Kadin was the mother of the heir. She was supreme in the harem, deferring only to the Sultan Valideh. "  (Excerpt from The Seraglio)

Graham Collinson- winner of October Chateu Photo Contest

TIny Dancer

Women of Fantasy Vol 4

Our women of Fantasy set continues with four amazing ladies..

                     A godess of mischief Miss Nicole Trafalgar is our first model in this set..

                  A beautiful Navi brought to us by the lovely Julie Debs...WOW cool details
A cute and very sexy witch is Miss Meshell..

   And finally the queen of the nile herself Miss passion Rumble is Cleopatra.. Enjoy!!
We will be posting more lovely ladies of fantasy as we go due to popular demand so stay tuned!!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Short History lesson on Pin ups

   As many viewers have seen MidnightSun Studios in Sl is dedicated to bringing classy images and some views of the most beautiful ladies in the virtual worlds.. With that in mind i bring you a brief and somewhat informative lesson in history.. No we arent in your face porn but the pin up girl has been around basically since the caveman days.. The voluptous female form has inspired many artists basically since the beginning of history.. So please sit back and take a moment to read and learn a few things about our mission..

  When or where did it all begin? The “art” of seduction. Pinup, glamour, and cheesecake as we generally think of it today began to gain popularity in the 1930’s. It was a time when the image of a pretty girl flourished. Whether it was a painted calendar; advertisement; or the photo pinups of Rita, Betty or Esther that the G.I.’s adorned their footlockers with. Pinup was a uniquely American art form.
Although beautiful women had been portrayed in print for years by the likes of Armstrong, Christy and wasn’t until Esquire magazine began publishing George Petty’s humorous one panel cartoons of out of this world girls being ogled, and propositioned by unlikely suitors, that the die was struck, and America's fascination with pinup took off like a rocket.

Classically trained illustrators like Petty, Rolf Armstrong, and Gil Evgren began creating some of the most memorable, technically exquisite “Americana” ever produced! Calendars; magazine covers; mutoscopes; and matchbooks became a personal view into the private lives of the girl next door. Pinup art continued to grow in popularity, and sophistication through the 1950’s.

There were magazine articles featuring the country's favorite artists, who through their depictions of these enticing beauties, had become household names. Pinups were everywhere! During WWII, in some cases they were a soldiers only link to their world back home. Movies were made about Pinup Artists and models…and most actresses of the time were considered pinups first then actresses. Marilyn Monroe was Earl Morans' favorite model before and after she became a movie star! Numerous celebrities throughout the last 75 years have posed for pinup and glamour artists.

However, by 1960 the classic “painted” pinup was all but dead. Either the public was asking for more, or publishers became aware of what they could produce and sell. Pinup Art became inappropriately lost within the sea of the sex industry. Paintings of attractive seductive women became increasingly more realistic, and explicit. Apparently in an attempt to compete with the photographs that were more an expression of the publics' fascination with nudity, than creativity or beauty.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of pinup art being produced today is not supported by years of study and hard work. The great pinup and glamour artist, Bradshaw Crandell, once said that he "deplored unskilled painting over innacurate drawing." Worse yet is the "pinup artist" that feels an Artograph, projector, or a traced photograph is the key to a good painting. Who's to say that this is wrong? It is however, a sure sign of the lazy and unskilled student of art. There are a few, a small handful, that feel the measure of an artist is to be able to actually draw and paint. When it comes to pinup art, this is truly the challenge to all who follow.

We have come full circle. Pinup art has been re-discovered, and introduced to new generations of people around the world. Books and related images are being published about the great artists of the past. Original paintings are highly sought after, and commanding sale prices that reach into the ten of thousands of dollars! This wonderful American art form hasn’t received this much attention, or enjoyed as much popularity since it’s heyday from the 30’s to the 50’s. Everything old is new again.

Women of Fantasy Vol 3

Keeping with the halloween spirit MidnightSun studios presents 3 more lovely ladys in costume and color

                  Artist and SL photographer Miss Bianca Xavorin is angelic in this first set

                                     The lovely Donna Grafta is Magical in the lovely Fae ..

       And finally the most beautiful Evelyne Bourdelle casts a spell with this lovely look..

Preparation - Part one

As you know Preparation is the key to a good photo set, and well excellent photo opportunities in my opinion, I am the sort of person that when when i want to do a photo shoot for myself and i do this on a regular basis, this can include things in regards to songs/movies/events, Imagination be the key to how you want to look for that perfect photo.  I will even wander the grid so if its a gothicky looking Grid and at the moment you have perfect examples given it being Halloween

So to include a current example 

We are currently in the Halloween season and as you know there is a series being done so preparing for it is a great thing...

So who and what do you want to look like, now remember your wanting to be stunning and sexy also, so go for a skin that is unique for Halloween, find that eye popping outfit that will let the Viewer who is looking back at you just want you more

So an example of searching for a suitable place for your Halloween needs would be Boudoir, I took a wander around this store yesterday and even though i bought 2 outfits from them via Marketplace, i needed to actually take a good wander around inworld and I have to say is wow in what they offer, and here is a photo of one of the outfits and yes i do love this one very much...

The store is laid out very well and very spacious and different parts including Boots/Shoes, Hair/Costumes ie Halloween/Fairy/Mermaids - see awesome and perfect opportunities.

Make sure your outfit matches the theme always, otherwise if you just come to the photo session in say your Bra n Panties in hoping you will get away with it, then it would be rather unfair on the next person who is due after you and you have not even bothered...To me and this is my opinion if you cannot be bothered in getting ready even a few days before, cause notices are sent out ahead of time and you know the theme/set your doing, then you will of course be made to wait.  So even though a Photographer will be patient and wait, do remember that when your going  for the shoot..its already bought, checked and rechecked so that is looks good on you...makes for a less rushed shoot also, especially if there be a few appointments waiting as well....smiles

In no way am i sounding brash or that and it doesn't mean to sound that way....but i do have a thing for being prepared for so many things as time...hehe

So be prepared 

Coming soon i will be giving out a list of places to go, just for reference needs...for Shapes, Skins, Hair, Makeups, Boots/Shoes and Clothing, Jewellery

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Two sexy hot new additions to the studio and lookin fine as ever..

                               First is miss Gail Kohn a firey redhead that looks amazing in blue!

        Second is brand new model and temptress SarinaStarlight showing her amazing figure...
both new models can definitely bring the heat and we certainly look fwd to more amazing shots.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Women of Fantasy Vol 2

keeping with Halloween season i would like to show Vol 2 of women of fantasy...

up first is the amazing Carla Dreasia in her truly seductive umm well succubus look.almost makes you want to dream of this wickedly beautiful lady..

Up next is the equally wicked and sexy Rosa Moeleneaux in this burning hot demoness.. kinda makes me think my sins werent so bad if i have to look fwd to that in hell..

And finally the supermodel Adele in this uber sexy jester look.. its no joke how beautiful this woman is and is always apleasure to have her in front of my lense..  Happy Halloween all watch for more posts coming as we near the witching season..

Professionalism in the Second Life Porn Industry

Having only been in the SL porn industry for a short time, I recognize the difficulty for new members to get acclimated. 

With that in mind, I plan to provide a new perspective on professionalism in the SL porn industry. 

Although there are no hard laws about working in this industry, I do recognize an unspoken set of expectations.

Whether you are here as a model, actress, photographer or videographer; we all need to have a clear understanding of these expectations.

This blog will focus on several expectations that I have learned from working with the professionals I have met here. 

Although, I feel that most of the expectations  are common sense, I understand that not everyone views these things the same way.  Your views, different or not, are always welcome here.

I write this blog with one thing in mind.  We are all from different parts of the world and have been raised under very distinct circumstances. 

Our personal experiences in life, whether it be real life or second life, play a big part in who we are and how we view things. 

This is the ultimate diverse environment.  We should all need to show a sense of respect to this diversity and be accepting of views that are different from our own.

The next segment will be "Naughty or Nice?" Where I will discuss attitudes in the Second Life Porn Industry.  Please share your thoughts!

Rosa Moeleneaux

Random Beauty

Ocasionally...well more often than not in Sl photgraphy you run across random beauties. in this case meet Eliza  Zemenis, a referral who walked in and showed me some awesome poses.. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Two beautiful necommers to the studios .

Introducing Miss Charlotte...New to the SL Porn scene and very hungry to be seen ..Char has an amazing shape and an even more amazing persona thats sure to please...

Second is the amazinly hott Geeta Thor..veteran SL pornstar.. good girls bend an the knees , bad girls bend at the waist.. you decide with Miss Geeta.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Women of Fantasy vol 1

With Halloween coming i thought it would be cool to show some of the prettiest ladies in sl in thier fantasy looks..

Anna Soxs is model 1 brandishing a pair of guns and showing a very futuristic and fantastic look.

Calipope Gothy is model 2 with this very gothic styled vampire look.. mmm makes being bit sound enticing.

And model 3 is Jewell Infinity in a demonically sexy demoness look.. Enjoy!... watch for more supermodels showing the fantasy side of Sl in this series as we come closer to Halloween

Add an Ace

So we all need to bring an Ace to the table sometime, and this lovely gentleman Ace Lycheborne came over to mine, after seeing him barely w...