Saturday, June 30, 2012

Liz Coignet

Liz Coignet posed for an exceptional session this week and here are the results of that.. She is a very beautiful model and shows it in this series.. Enjoy !!

Hi peeps !  Here are some new shots I have finally gotten ready.  Time seems to be the biggest challenge for me!  Hope you enjoy.  Model 'B' wishes to be anonymous but what a wonderful model he was !  Warhead Waco is a new friend and is open to other shoots (hint to all the fellow photo junkies with Midnight Studios) ... and was also a wonderful model!  Enjoy!

Danny Jack

This is a set I took a day ago of DannyJack, he posed for me and it was a relaxed shoot, poses came perfect and the result is a nice set we can apreciate now. I am sure he will get better shoots, I am still polishing my work :)
Model: DannyJack Resident
Photographer: Caly Gothly
Style: Black backdrop with lights
Editting tools: Corel PaintShop Pro X4, GIMP.

For the full set, follow the link:

Friday, June 29, 2012

Kesha DarkFury

A super sexy new model to the studio.. Miss Kesha Darkfury, here are a few pics of her modeling sessions.. Kesha is an aspiring pornstar and her hobbies include.. Well, sex of course. Enjoy !!

Nives Aries

The lovely Nives Aries posed for me today in the studio, here a sneak peek at her shoot..

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Just want to toss in here a bit about shooting others. I like to do my sets on location and that creates some unique needs. If you are modeling for me, please don't go into flirt mode with people on the sim. Some peeps are just too curious about what we are doing and tend to hang around :). Second, have pose animations with you and easy to find...what poses do not matter as much as that you have a variety. Third, layer your particular, sexy undergarmets. And if you want to do a shoot with me, have an idea of what you want...vampire, fae, pirate, period piece, etc. I roam a lot in SL and have many locations already marked. I also have an entire sim that I can set up in, so your choice is usually not a problem for me to arrange. If you have a place you would like to do the set at, toss me the LM and let me take a peek.

Men, I will be primarily doing beefcake sets with you and usually in studio. Again, be ready to show your stuff in layers. Fully clothed...shirtless...briefs...nude. Be nice to see some looks other than dark leather...cowboy, construction guy, tuxedo, suit :). If your look fits in with some sims I have marked, be prepared to go on location...pose anitmations are a must!

Hardcore...I will be doing those...and to answer the question I keep getting...I will be in them :). However, if you are posing with me or someone else and I'm shooting, I prefer we get the shots done and not rp our way through...there will be time for that later. Lining up shots is hard enough without you guys getting me worked up with those oh so hot descriptions of what you are doing to me or each other. If you have someone you want to do a shoot with, just let me know.

OK, that's it. I look forward to working with each and everyone of you and thank you for becoming part of the ever growing Midnight Studio. Peace out.


Since I'm going to be shooting for the studio, I figured I better get the hang of snapping pictures of others and Maenia here turned out to be one sweet and sexy crash dummy. For your enjoyment, argh!, someone who prefers riding the plank to walking it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Model Corina Virdis

Sexy new model with a lolita size fram Miss Corina Virdis.. Already and accomplished magazine model, Corina hopes to expand her carrear in SL and go into films and more..Here are a few shots of her first set with the studio.. Enjoy!!     

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Tuesday all !  Just posting a couple of pictures I did of a friend of mine... ''B''.  He shall remain nameless... LOL.  Hope you enjoy them : )  Same image with  different effects....
Classic Pin-up Glamour with the lovely Donna Grafta by Esy E.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Leanna Mai

The sexy and very busty Leanna Mai takes a dip at Miko's Beach in this set.. Leanna is an aspiring porn actress with several new slidesets and videos to be seen.. check out this gorgeous model in all her curvy glory...

Add an Ace

So we all need to bring an Ace to the table sometime, and this lovely gentleman Ace Lycheborne came over to mine, after seeing him barely w...